Vol 187, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Preface: Development Geography PDF
Niina Käyhkö, Sanna Mäki 2-4

Research Papers

Land use rights and gender in Ovamboland, North- Central Namibia, since the 1930s PDF
Harri Siiskonen 5-15
Comparison of forest stand characteristics and species diversity indices under different human impacts along an altitudinal gradient PDF
Ping Zhou, Olavi Luukkanen, Timo Tokola, Minna Hares 17-30
Exploring environmental knowledge: the construction and conservation of agricultural biodiversity in Ghana PDF
Sirkku Juhola 31-41
Participatory mapping and geographical patterns of the social landscape values of rural communities in Zanzibar, Tanzania PDF
Nora Fagerholm, Niina Käyhkö 43-60
The benefits and constraints of participation in forest management. The case of Taita Hills, Kenya PDF
Nina Himberg, Loice Omoro, Petri Pellikka, Olavi Luukkanen 61-76